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Kokon NÜ Visage

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I've been using Kokon NÜ Visage 4 times per week for the past 4 weeks and I'm already seeing results! My skin looks firmer and looks more radiant. I can't wait to continue to use it and see more results. Also, I love taking the time to dedicate myself to self-care for 30 mins every session. I am getting one for my mother this Christmas, it is a great investment that lasts a lifetime.

Sandra R

Ok so after a 15-minute session, I see literal instant results to my skin; super luminous and healthy, besides that it makes me feel like I’ve had an hour power nap, so rejuvenating! Obsessed, couldn’t recommend enough.

Lina K

Achieved by Science

Our advanced skincare system uses state-of-the-art technology tested and proven effective in clinical trials.

Proudly Canadian

We are proud to be the first LED phototherapy mask designed in Quebec, Canada.

Free Shipping

We ship for free to continental
Canada & the United States.

clinically-proven results

Find Your Kokon Nü Visage™ Solutions for Healthier Looking Skin

Unlike other LED Phototherapy face masks, Kokon NÜ Visage™ gives you the ability to tailor your treatment based on your unique needs. Customize your settings using Red, Near-Infrared Light, Blue, and Amber wavelengths of light.

"I want to reduce fine lines caused by aging."

Kokon Nü Visage™ red and near-infrared LED wavelength facial treatment helps significantly reduce fine lines and skin pigmentation caused by aging while rejuvenating your skin. The wavelengths penetrate the skin to restore collagen levels and keep the skin from sagging giving it that plump, youthful look.

Red & Near-Infrared

"I want to clear my acne as fast as possible."

The Kokon Nü Visage™ blue light LED treatment is clinically proven to significantly reduce acne, blemishes, and inflammation while repairing scarring caused by breakouts. With consistent treatments, you should notice a significant improvement in your skin’s texture for all types of cystic or inflammatory acne.

Blue Light

"I want to treat redness of skin."

Repair your skin with Kokon Nü Visage™ Amber or Yellow LED facial treatment. The shallow light penetration levels help decrease the size of blood vessels under the surface of your skin. This wavelength is ideal for healing skin conditions that cause redness such as discoloration, sunburn, and rosacea.

Amber Light

How Does it Work?

When you use the Kokon NÜ Visage, the LEDs emit light photons into your skin that are then absorbed by your cells resulting in a multitude of biochemical reactions based on the spectrum of light photons emitted.

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