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Supercharge your Skincare Routine with Kokon NÜ Visage

Supercharge your Skincare Routine with Kokon NÜ Visage

Get ready to learn about our new favorite technology that is revolutionizing skincare: Kokon NÜ Visage, the most advanced at-home light therapy mask on the market. Clinically-proven technology using concentrated wavelengths of light helps you achieve salon-grade results at home! The technology works to improve the skin’s health and appearance by employing proven wavelengths/colors of light for distinct functions. We will be walking you through the different LED light therapy treatments and their respective health benefits. Whether you’re looking to reduce signs of aging, treat acne, or reduce redness, we have a Kokon NÜ Visage healthier-skin solution for you.

Kokon NÜ Visage Healthier Skin Solutions

Unlike other LED phototherapy face masks, Kokon NÜ Visage gives you the ability to tailor your treatment with four distinct wavelengths of light; customize your setting based on your skin’s unique needs by choosing from red and near-infrared, blue, and yellow lights.

Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy to Boost Collagen Production

To reduce fine lines and prevent signs of aging, we recommend Kokon NÜ Visage’s age-defying red and near-infrared LED facial treatment; the wavelengths (625 nm and 850 nm respectively) penetrate the skin at its deepest levels, the dermis and subcutaneous, to stimulate collagen production and keep the skin from sagging giving it that plump, youthful look. This painless and non-invasive method is shown to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, all while enhancing skin firmness, elasticity, and texture. For best results, use on clean skin for 10-20 minutes 3-5 times per week, and apply your usual skincare products after treatment.

Banish Acne with Blue LED Light Treatments

At last, acne has met its match! Clear skin quickly with Kokon NÜ Visage’s blue light treatment. Clinically-tested and proven to effectively reduce acne, blemishes, and inflammation caused by breakouts, blue light (460 nm) disinfects the skin of acne-causing bacteria. With consistent treatments of 5-10 minutes, depending on severity of acne, followed by 10 minutes of red light, 3 to 5 times per week, skin’s texture will be significantly improved for mild to moderate types of cystic or inflammatory acne.

Yellow LED Light Therapy for Rosacea and Redness

Rosacea and redness can be frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with, but thankfully Kokon NÜ Visage has a safe and effective solution - the mask’s yellow light (390 nm) works wonders to reduce redness and soothe sensitive or inflamed skin. Used in clinics by dermatologists, yellow light is shown to enhance red cell production to repair and heal the skin of rosacea, damage caused by exposure to UV rays, and redness caused by burns or chafing. Moreover, yellow light penetrates the skin at the ideal depth to encourage lymphatic movement and drainage, resulting in overall better health and decreased swelling. For best results use Kokon NÜ Visage’s yellow light for 10 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week.

Unmask your Best Skin with Kokon NÜ Visage

Are you ready to begin your best-skin journey? Supercharge your skin at the cellular level with Kokon NÜ Visage at-home LED light therapy treatments. The advanced skincare system uses state-of-the-art technology tested and proven effective in clinical trials, providing the kind of results you would expect from the salon, but accomplished at home. Tailor your treatment based on your unique needs using 4 distinct wavelengths of light - try red and near-infrared light to reduce signs of aging, blue light to treat acne, and amber light for rosacea and redness.

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